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Suncrest Elementary School

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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to Suncrest Elementary Counselor Corner!

Ms. Lindsay Anderson

Hello, my name is Ms. Lindsay Anderson and I am one of the counselors at Suncrest. Just a little about myself, this is my fifth year as a school counselor, and I have a number of years of experience working with elementary school children. I am originally from Hammond, Indiana which is 20 minutes from Chicago. I went to college at Manchester College in North Manchester, Indiana. After graduating I attended Purdue University Calumet for graduate school to earn my master’s degree in school counseling in May of 2014.

I consider it a privilege to be a member of the Suncrest Eagles staff and community and am very much looking forward to sharing in an exciting and rewarding year with you and your child. As we work together to instill in each child a sense of confidence, self-esteem and responsibility, it is my hope that each will strive for his/her highest potential. If, at any time during the year, you should have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Suncrest Elementary School at (765) 659-6265 ext.6402 or

Ms. Madison Viering

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Madison Viering, and I am one of the counselors at Suncrest. This is my first year as an Eagle, and I am loving getting to know each student at Suncrest.

I grew up in Carmel, IN and got my undergraduate degree at Kent State University in Ohio. After graduation, I moved back to Indiana to be closer to my family, and began my graduate career at Butler University, obtaining my Master's in School Counseling in May 2019.

I have specialized training in addressing grief with children, as well as a number of years experience working with children who have learning and/or behavior differences.

I am looking forward to continuing support for each of our Eagles and helping them face, get through, and grow from life's challenges. Feel free to contact me at any point throughout the school year so we can work together to best support your student - or (765) 659-6265 ext. 6626.

Please visit our Suncrest Counselor's website for additional information and resources regarding social skills, coping skills, social and emotional learning, anger and impulse control, and other topics.


If you are having trouble explaining COVID-19 to your student, or your student is struggling to understand why we have to stay at home, we recommend you and your student watch the following video. It is a helpful explanation of what is going on in the world right now.

Virtual Lesson's

We use classroom lessons as a way to address a variety of topics throughout the student population and throughout the school. These lessons include activities, small group work, and classroom discussions. During our e-Learning, we will post virtual lessons we create here and on our counselor website.

Body Safety lesson for K-2nd grades

Body Safety lesson for 3rd-5th grades

Bully Prevention Lesson for Kindergarten - 2nd Grades

Bullying Prevention lesson for 3rd-5th grades

Zones of Regulation Lesson

Giving Your Best Effort Lesson

5th Grade Transition To Middle School Videos

What Does A Day Look Like In Middle School?

Middle School Policies and Expectations

Staying Organized in Middle School

Friendships and Peer Pressure in Middle School

At-Home Activities

Do It Yourself: Play-Doh Squishy

Do It Yourself: Sensory Box