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Exciting News: Take-Home Learning Kits for Kindergarten and First Grade Students!

Dear Suncrest Elementary School Families,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that will surely ignite a love for learning in our youngest Eagles! Thanks to the generous support of our Parent Involvement Fund, each Kindergarten and First Grade student has received a special "Take-Home Learning Kit" designed to make learning fun and engaging.

Math Adventures Await! Inside the kit, your child will find a treasure trove of math goodies. From colorful dice to playing cards, the possibilities for learning and play are endless. Here are some fantastic games you can enjoy with your little mathematician:

  1. Roll and Count: Roll the dice and count the dots together. Make it a race to see who can count the fastest!
  2. Card Match-Up: Use the cards for a matching game. Match numbers with corresponding dots for a delightful learning experience.
  3. Number Line Hopscotch: Lay out a makeshift number line and hop to the correct numbers. It's a great way to combine physical activity with math skills.

Reading Wonderland Awaits! Unlock the magical world of reading with the reading items included in the kit. Magnetic letters and a whiteboard provide endless opportunities for literacy adventures. Here are some captivating reading games to explore:

  1. Letter Scavenger Hunt: Hide the magnetic letters around the house, and let your child embark on a letter scavenger hunt. Can they find all the letters in the alphabet?
  2. Word Building Challenge: Use the magnetic letters to create simple words on the whiteboard. Encourage your child to sound out each letter and discover the joy of building words.
  3. Storytelling Extravaganza: Draw pictures on the whiteboard and encourage your child to create a story around them using the magnetic letters as prompts. This sparks creativity and enhances language skills.

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Parent Involvement Fund! We extend our deepest gratitude to the Parent Involvement Fund for making these learning kits possible. Your support allows us to provide valuable resources that enhance the educational journey of our students.

Let the Learning Begin! We encourage all families to incorporate these engaging activities into your nightly routine. Spend quality time together exploring the wonders of math and reading. By nurturing these foundational skills, we are setting the stage for our Eagles to soar to new heights in their learning journey.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and let the learning adventures commence!

Warm regards,

Suncrest Elementary School